Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are welcome in the June-October.  As much as we'd like to let your pup join you on a winter adventure, we sadly have to say no. Nobody wants to worry about yellow snow!  It would be different if we could guarantee that all guests would take their dogs up on the road away from the hut to do their business, but that's not possible.  Thank you for understanding.

Is there an oven?

Yes.  It's been more complicated than we thought it would be to get it up and running.  But the oven and the stove top burners can now be lit without a match or lighter!

Is there electricity?

There are solar lights at the hut. There are also battery powered lanterns and candles as a back up, and to supplement your lighting.  You can charge your cell phones in the outlets (bring your own charging cord).  DO NOT plug in anything with a heating element (hairdryer, heater, etc.)

Do we need to bring bedding?

Yes. You will need to bring a sleeping bag or other bedding of your choice and a pillow case.  Pillows are provided.

Is there a BBQ?

Yes. There is a full size propane gas grill. Propane is provided.

Can we have a fire?

We have a new fire ring area for your careful use.  You can roast marshmallows and watch for shooting stars.

Can we drive to the hut?

It's generally possible to drive directly to the hut from mid June-October.  The first 1/4 mile of the road can be quite rough.  Once past that section, it is relatively easy, but slow the remainder of the drive. Plan on an hour or more to drive the 5.8 miles. In warmer months the road can get busy with day visitors.  But towards evening most everyone heads home.  You'll essentially have the entire basin to yourself! 

There are two small pull outs for parking in front of the hut.  There is another pull out about 100 ft. south on the road if you need additional space.  

Once the snow starts flying, it's no longer possible to drive to the hut.  Plan on traveling by skis, snowshoes or snowmobile. Surprisingly, it's not a very busy area in the winter.  Most activity will be in the first couple of miles from the trailhead. Which makes for a very private hut experience!

Is there cell phone service?

Cell phone service is possible inside and around the cabin, but can be spotty and can depend on the weather.  Texting seems to work better than phone calls.